Day of the Dead Rules

We pretty much made these up as we went along but… I think they hold up pretty well. This is such an underrated part of the Dead series by the way. I feel like people talk about Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead a lot but this one sort of slips under […]

Goosebumps Rules

Goosebumps is on Netflix! What a fantastic and hilarious discovery that was. Soon, I will do a run down of my top 5 episodes but while I’m making my way through them to make such a difficult decision, I will need some Dutch Courage and so will be adhering to the following rules. So without […]


Nightmare on Elm Street Rules

So we have been re-watching these movies over the last couple of months with some friends and, eventually, we will be putting up an appropriate blog. However for now, here are some drinking rules for movie #1. Drink: Whenever someone falls asleep Whenever we see Freddy When we hear Freddy’s claws scraping When someone gets slashed When […]

Dr. Rage

Every so often, we browse the charity shops for a “gamble” Horror and a few weeks ago we picked up Dr. Rage. This God awful movie, also known as “Nightmare Hostel” cost 50p and that was far too much. I’d pay 5p for the out of the blue face-melting at the end and that is pretty much […]

Creepier Than The Creeper?

In my last blog, I mentioned the movie “Creep” as having a particularly gruesome, and by extension memorable, scene; one that I remember even though I haven’t watched this movie since I was 15 (big knife in unmentionable places). So I rootled around the second hand DVD store down the road and to my delight, […]

What Makes a Villain?

The other day, the first “Gamble Horror” was purchased (in other words, one I’d never heard of) for 50p called Somebody Help Me. Whilst the acting was actually pretty damn good (I can only hope the actors never saw the finished product of what the director did to their work), what was particularly disappointing was the so-called “villain”. […]

Halloween (1978) Rules

Drink for: Every death Every time you see Michael When Linsdey is just beyond useless (use your discretion here and drink as you feel necessary) Sexy time Every time Michael is made to seem inhuman Shot for:  Coat hanger When you see Michael de-masked Our choice of drink was: Rosé wine (any brand will do but […]